Why we strated.

My mother: Anna, is a woman who loves clothes very much. She stepped on the sewing machine and knitted every unique piece of clothing in my childhood. In childhood memories, there are always many people who come here to find my mother to customize clothes.
When I grew up, I had my own life. I was inspired by my mother to study fashion design. After graduation, I entered a design company. Suddenly one day I found that my mother and I seemed to be getting farther and farther away, and she was not as happy as before. After thinking about it, I decided to leave my job and return to my mother.
With my first start-up capital, my mother and I created "Bomve"! Committed to bringing you comfortable and one-of-a-kind clothes!

Who we are.

We have up to 13 years of clothing sales experience!
1. We are committed to creating comfortable clothes, at the right price, based on excellent cost performance to bring you comfortable satisfaction。

2. In spring and summer, we specialize in Y2K, high street, and other styles of skirts, and in autumn and winter, we specialize in sweaters, sweaters, and other clothes. In the face of different seasons, produce different styles of clothes!

3. Our main consumer group is the United States, but there are also customer groups such as Thailand and the United Kingdom.

4. We have a variety of sizes to choose from, you can choose according to your body circumference. In this way, you can meet your requirements for size in multiple directions. At the same time, we also hope that everyone can choose clothes according to their preferences, and not be rigid about the opinions of others. No matter what figure, what color, or what style, as long as you like it, then it will be the most beautiful in the world for you, please keep confident! Believe me, every one of you is perfect!

How we developed.

How we developed.
1. On January 3, 2009, I had the idea to start a clothing studio with my mother, so, we acted and Bomve was born.

2. In October 2012, Due to the increase in customer traffic, our studio was too small, so we decided to move to a new location, one with a little more space.

3. In July 2017, my mother and I started to discuss the establishment of our second studio! We started recruiting and creating Bomve's younger brother in a relatively prosperous area.

4. From July 2018 to January 2020, we lived a life of managing two studios, full and happy.

5. After January 2020, we have encountered a major trough since we started our business. The outbreak of the new crown epidemic has disrupted the pace of life for everyone. Our customer's quantity is also different than before. We were forced to make changes, and we started to learn about e-commerce, so in June of the same year, we started our online sales channel.

Where we are going

For the future, we are full of confidence and look forward to making our voices heard by more people. Keeping up with the trend of the times, learning little by little, hope our clothes are favored by more people.

We'd love to hear from you - please use the following email address to send us your message or ideas. Or simply pop in for a cup of fresh tea and a cookie

Email: help@Bomve.com

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